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Waist Heating Element Carbon Fiber Heating Pad MTECE002

Waist Heating Element Carbon Fiber Heating Pad, Portable Electric USB Heating Pad Hand Abdomen Fever Heat Mat
  • MTECE002

  • Mydays Solar

  • MydaysTech

  • Jiangsu, China


Product Description

Waist Heating Element Carbon Fiber Heating Pad MTECE002

waist heating element (2)

Details of Waist Heating Element

waist heating element (4)waist heating element (3)waist heating element (6)waist heating element (1)

Features of Waist Heating Element

  • Adjustable temperature: Most waist heating elements offer adjustable temperature settings, allowing the user to customize the level of heat according to their comfort and needs.

  • Multiple heat settings: These devices often provide multiple heat settings, such as low, medium, and high, enabling users to choose the intensity of heat that suits them best.

  • Rapid heating: Waist heating elements are designed to heat up quickly, so users can experience relief from discomfort or muscle tension in a relatively short amount of time.

  • Safety mechanisms: To ensure user safety, many waist heating elements incorporate safety features like automatic shut-off timers. These timers turn off the heating element after a certain period to prevent overheating or potential accidents.

  • Adjustable straps or fasteners: Waist heating elements often come with adjustable straps or fasteners that allow users to secure the device around their waist comfortably. This ensures a snug fit and proper heat distribution.

  • Soft and comfortable materials: The materials used in waist heating elements are usually soft and comfortable to wear against the skin. Fabrics like neoprene or breathable materials may be utilized to enhance comfort during use.

  • Portable and lightweight: Many waist heating elements are designed to be portable and lightweight, allowing users to wear them discreetly and comfortably while performing daily activities or even during travel.

  • Easy to use: These devices are typically user-friendly and straightforward to operate. They may feature simple controls, intuitive interfaces, and convenient power sources such as batteries or USB connections.

  • Versatility: Some waist heating elements offer additional features or attachments to enhance their versatility. For example, some may include built-in massage functions, magnetic therapy elements, or the ability to target specific areas of the waist.

Service of Waist Heating Element

Manufactures and wholesalers

We are manufacturing factory which has 15 years experience in making solar panel, we have our own design team to design multi product models for your choice, For popular items we make stocks which are ready to ship anytime and any quantity, We also release new products frequently.


Professional OEM/ODM Service/low MOQ

We welcome both OEM and ODM orders. We could put your logo on our hot-sale model or help you to manufacture the product according to your design. Our MOQ is 200 pcs.


Excellent Customer Service

If you have any question about the products, delivery, or shipment, we have good customer service that ensures your concerns will be responded in time. Also we have rich experience in exporting, We can communicate through the live chat, email or contact form on the website. Our customer service will try best to offer you our honest and professional help and solution.


Fast Delivery and Strict Quality Control

If you order our stock product, we will ship the products out within 2-3 working days.

If you place your customized order, we will confirm the sample with you before bulk production and update you the production situation during the whole production process. We will also send you the images of our finished products and packaging.

We have our quality control team who will do strict quality inspection for every order. We fully think quality is the most important for long-term cooperation and quality is our culture.


Contact us, you will get a sincere and professional partner!

Packing Information

Packing Information
Single Packing Size







Shipping and Payment

Shipping & Payment

MOQ 200pcs
Sample Leading Time 5-7days
Bulk Leading Time 40 days after deposit payment
Payment Terms T/T 30% deposit and balance before shipping
Port Shanghai Port
Shipping Method By sea/air/express

Mydays sells map

  • For large quantity, we suggest shipping by sea.

  • For small quantity, air express is our preferred shipping method.

  • We support shipment by "HK post" "China post" "EMS" "DHL" "UPS" "FEDEX" "TNT" .

  • If you need help selecting a fast and reliable shipping company, please contact us direct and we will do our best to help.



Q1, Are you factory or trade company?
We are factory, not trade company.

Q2, Can you provide me your catalogue?
We have thousands of products, and every month we will make out many new items, so updating is very fast. Could you please provide us your request so we can recommend to you accordingly?

Q3, How about the MOQ?
The MOQ of customized products is 200pcs.

Q4, Can you make sample same as my pictures or samples?
Yes, we can make samples as long as you provide us your picture, your drawing or your sample.

Q5, Do you have your own designer team?
Yes, we have our designers, so if you can provide us your ideal, we also can make out the sample to you.

Q6, How can you protect my designs and my brands?
We won't display your designs and brands to other customers, and won't display them in the internet, show, sampleroom etc, and we can sign a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement with you and our sub-contractors.

Q7, How to order wholesale products?
You can order online, and contact our sales to ship the goods.